Into the Red present: Velocity.Velocity is the third EP release from Sheffield Space Rock four-piece Into the Red and marks the conclusion to the 'Transmissions' trilogy series of EPs.

v = λ/f

Velocity is our shaky and uncertain foray into being a proper band that does everything themselves. This is our first attempt at totally self-producing a release.In the last year we’ve got back on our feet, we’ve started a studio Collective at Yuggoth, and now we’ve completed this EP. It’s been a wild ride. These are the most ambitious and eclectic mix of songs we’ve ever put out to the public, which I think represents our renewed ambition as a band. This is it: our best work.Velocity will be released to the universe on the 1st of JulyPlease follow the link below to stream/download the EP full from a private SoundCloud link, the press pack link will grant you access to our logos, high quality band photos, artwork and the EP release roadmap. You are free to use these resources as you please!

Single Release :
Sunsets on Mars

This song is actually older than anything on Wavelength, but it felt wrong to include it on that release. It was the first song we decided on for Velocity, and it was agreed to be the opener from the off.
Sunsets on Mars is a heavy progressive rock song about loneliness, unrequited love and struggling to find peace in the silence that follows a cry for help. In writing the music, I was inspired by My Bloody Valentine, Porcupine Tree and Coheed & Cambria.It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that I love these artists, and so I hoped in combining their influences I could create something that is distinct and original. Very much an Into the Red song.

Sunsets is definitely the most sonically complex song on the EP, and remains the one that we're the most proud of.Sunsets on Mars will be released on the 3rd of June with a pre-release available to purchase on Bandcamp on the 27th of May.

Single Release :
Neptune's Shores

Every release, be it an album, an EP or whatever, needs a true ‘pop’ moment.Neptune’s Shore is definitely such a moment for Velocity. This was the final song to be completed for the EP and was my attempt at reconciling my love of noisy, progressive rock music with polished, uncompromisingly radio-ready pop.

I couldn’t help but include an odd-time signature in there, which I realise has become something of a cliché for this band. In terms of structure this is probably the best song I’ve ever written and it’s an absolute blast to play live.Neptune’s Shore would be, we think, the best place to start if we were recommending our music to anyone who hadn’t heard it before.Neptune's Shores will be released on the 17th of June with a pre-release available to purchase on Bandcamp on the 10th of June.

Into the Red are a four piece progressive-alternative rock band. We explore the sonic expanse of the universe through a masterful blend of nostalgic and anthemic pop rock choruses, progressive song elements and heart-felt emotional lyricism.We are the anxiety of the unending void and the hope of where it might take us.